Where to do Web Design Courses in New Zealand


There has been significant interest in studying web design and web development over the past few years. I’ve had various enquiries about where to study web design and development in New Zealand.

My recommendation is Vision College. They offer fantastic web design courses that have direct input from professional web designers and developers, so you’ll have the knowledge and the skills agencies require when you come into the workforce.

In just one year you’ll be able to confidently design, build and implement websites from scratch! You’ll also get to work with a real-life client for your final project so you can develop your own portfolio to prepare for your web design and development career.


The Return of the Rainbow Design?

As you may have noticed, we’ve recently changed the design of the site to be a bit more modern and upmarket. You’ll be able to see the background image on our site uses a rainbow effect, which I think looks quite striking. Another site that uses such an effect is First Credit Union, who use it in their navigation area. Although they are a bank who offer things such as a personal loan, it’s interesting to see that more of this “rainbow effect” is being used in general design. So what do you think? Is using an array of colours in web design increasing in popularity? Leave a comment below!

5 Tips: What to look for in a Web Design School

web designWeb design in general has seen an explosion of growth from the early 90s to current day and nowadays we’re seeing some fantastic ways to combine code and design to add extra flair to websites. Throughout New Zealand there are hundreds of schools all offering similar web design courses. Check out the following web design tips when looking for a great school to study at:

1. Review
Make sure the school follows your own design traditions. For example, if you would like to design sites that have a certain flavour, such as maori or polynesian designs, then try to find a school that will allow you to explore that avenue.

2. Cost and Location
Do you want to study locally, or would you accept living away from your hometown for a few years? Be aware of living costs, and of any rent / board you will need to pay if living away from home.

3. Resources
Research the staff and try to get a feel of each school through their website and any other resources you can acquire. Make sure they are high quality. A high quality school with great teachers will make you a great designer.

4. Reputation
As in number 3, do your research on this as well. A degree from a reputable school will help you acquire a job once you have finished studying.

5. Production
Look at the standard of work that is being produced by the school, especially from their last year and honours students. If it blows you away, then chances are the school will put you on the same track to produce similar quality work.

Vision College are a great school that offer web design courses. Alternatively, simply do a Google search for web design courses and you’ll find a ton of schools that you can review on your own. Good luck!

Setting the Tone of Your Business Through Design

Examining website designs after searching for “interior designers nz” brings about some interesting examples. When looking at Trinity Interior Designs for example, one cannot help but see how the business’ lead designer’s own style of interior design has influenced the way their site has been laid out and designed. With its pastel colours and unobtrusive layout, the website gives you a feeling that will no doubt be echoed in any of the interior designs that they would create. It’s one way that a website can push itself with emotional weight, giving people an idea of what they’re in for without even having to ask.

How much red is too much?

I was looking at the designs at http://webdesignledger.com/inspiration/50-red-web-designs-to-inspire-you, and found that most of them had too much red. What is the best balance? I was looking for hi fi NZ, and decided that the following site probably has it about right, using red as a highlight colour rather than a fill colour:

Hi Fi NZ

The squiggly line

I think I’ve spotted a new trend. I’ll call it the squiggly line for logos. Whether you’re looking for storage Clapham, or Telecom, it looks like you’re in luck:

Kiwi Storage Telecom

My first post

More coming soon!